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        About Us

        Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd,

        Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd, which was established in 1996, is a high-tech enterprise in the pharmaceutical industry which is specialized in manufacturing new drug preparation products and founded by academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. It was listed on Shanghai stock exchange on June 16, 2004 (stock code: 600420, stock abbreviation:現代制藥). In April 2010, it entered China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation(SINOPHARM).

        In 2016-2017, according to the integration strategy ofSINOPHARM, Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd positioned itself as a pharmaceutical industry platform of SINOPHARM, have actively promoted major asset restructuring matters. The main business of the "new Shyndec " wholly-owned or holding subsidiary after the reorganization has achieved nearly 10 billion level of revenue, total profit has exceeded 1 billion yuan, and the number of enterprise members has reached 30, among which 17 are secondary enterprises, 13 are tertiary and four-level enterprises.

        After the reorganization, the "New Shyndec" has integrated into many high-quality industrial product lines and enterprise assets of China National Pharmaceutical Group to create a more centralized resource allocation and a clearer main business market. Focusing on the "anti-infection, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-tumor, leptin drugs, metabolism and endocrine" five areas then has formed and strengthened the "5 + X" industrial chain system with the modern characteristics and core competitiveness of Chinese medicine. The product structure of the company will be richer, the R&D strength will be further strengthened, and the market position of the enterprise has been improved by leaps and bounds.

        For a year, Shanghai Shyndec Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd has been guided by "big reorganization, large integration, great amalgamation and fully development". Through the three main paths of " big reorganization of institutional framework, great amalgamation of ideology and culture, great integration of personnel assets" to achieve the development goal of large-scale integration of the group chemical pharmaceutical industry and strive to create a platform of chemical pharmaceutical industry under the guidance of innovation.

        • Stock Code


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        • Company Address:

          Building 1, No. 1320, west Beijing road, Shanghai

        Organizational Structure

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